Track your FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL deliveries from slack with Backtrack.

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Backtrack is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.


Track your packages and share the results with your team


Receive a notification once your package is delivered


View tracking details and share the details with others

How Backtrack works

Step 1

Use the /backtrack command to identify one or more tracking numbers.

Step 2

Backtrack identifies the carrier for each of your tracking numbers.

Step 3

Backtrack then retrieves and displays tracking information for each located tracking number.

Step 4

Your results are safe. Only you see the tracking information for your tracking numbers.

View tracking detail

Select the tracking status to access carrier details in an easy to view layout.

Navigate to the carrier tracking site by selecting the tracking number on the tracking view.

Share your results

By default your tracking results are only seen by you.

Click the Share button to share tracking results with your team.

Use the 'share' subcommand to share previously tracked packages with the team.

Backtrack remembers

Backtrack will let you retrieve the latest tracking status for your last three tracking numbers.

/backtrack show
/backtrack show 1

View the status of your last three tracking numbers. Using the 'show' subcommand retrieve a specific one of the three.

/backtrack share
/backtrack share 2

Subcommand 'share' works the same as 'show', but will share your tracking status with the team.

What if you need help

If you have a problem feel free to reach out to me at Here are some hints that might help.

Track single or multiple packages

/backtrack 999999999,999999999

Paste from a message

/backtrack Here is your tracking number: 999999999

Get help in Slack

/backtrack help

Other considerations

Tracking is limited to three packages per command. An error may occur if the carrier is slow to respond.

Backtrack Status

Check Backtrack status at Status Cake.

Terms of service and privacy

The Backtrack service uses Google Analytics for site and event tracking.

Slack team and user ids along with oAuth tokens are collected and stored so that access may be verified.

Shipment tracking numbers are collected for the purpose of providing notifications and toimprove the service.


No data is shared with outside parties other than the site tracking data collected by Google Analytics.

There's no warranty for this service. All tracking data is provided by shipment carriers.

Backtrack is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Slack Technologies, Inc.


If you have a question or a suggestion, email me at